The TMS Story

Frank Sherman and Patrick Personne founded TMS in 1995 after they realized the need for and value of an independent management company that could provide comprehensive services to handle all of the logistical needs of complex events. TMS began with and continues to grow through the transportation management of trade shows and conventions across the United States. As our bus industry and meeting planner relationships developed further, we eventually branched out into special events. Simultaneously, our team grew in size as did the team members’ skill sets and experience. We now boast partnerships with dozens of CVB’s, numerous associations, and the major bus industry organizations, and operate hundreds of events across four different continents each year.

As our convention and special event business grew, we recognized a need for event transportation services with major international sporting events. TMS developed a new division and proceeded to provide exceptional services in the Middle East, Africa, North America and Europe. We maintain a presence in each of those regions, and continue to branch out into other areas such as Russia and South America, creating meaningful and lasting legacies wherever we go.

Subsequently, TMS entered the cruise services industry with the creation of ShoreLink of Seattle and iTMS of Canada. These subsidiaries primarily worked in cruise shuttle and tour operations on the Pacific Coast of North America.

At the urging of our cruise customers, TMS established bus operations in South Florida, providing passenger transfers in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, bringing TMS into the bus business for the first time. Cabana’s 65 bus fleet, replete with its iconic palm tree regalia, now serves not only cruise customers, but a variety of other customers in the Miami area.

In 2009 TMS acquired Anchor Cruise Agencies (now TMS Anchor) and Gateway Guest Services (now TMS Gateway). Coupled with the establishment of TMS Gateway Tours the combined companies provide a full range of cruise services across North America. TMS’ unparalleled cruise services now include port agency as well as ground handling, including passenger transfers, check-in services, shore excursions and pre- and post- cruise packages. Further, TMS has an incredibly strong footprint in select major cruise ports, and the size and depth of the TMS cruise management team is unparalleled.

In early 2009, TMS acquired Gray Line of Seattle and Horizon Coach Lines, of Vancouver, providing additional cruise line and corporate business and enhancing our bus operations and fixed route shuttle systems. Gray Line and Horizon boast over 100 vehicles across their fleets and give TMS massive resources to meet our customers’ needs in the Pacific Northwest.

After supporting relief efforts for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, TMS successfully captured the FEMA contract for motorcoach evacuation planning and operational support. TMS then established TMS Logistics to provide logistical support and vehicles to impacted states. On GSA Schedule since 2008, we currently provide emergency services for FEMA and several individual states.

Throughout our history, TMS has consistently developed and utilized new technologies to enhance service, ranging from GPS-based fleet tracking and management, to reservations systems for parking sites, hotel rooms and pre-registration for events. TMS’ sponsorship and advertising solutions create measurable value for our clients and our unparalleled green initiatives ensure our clients can minimize their carbon footprint.

TMS has handled some of the most complex events in the world, yet we also maintain a regional presence in more than 14 geographic markets. By combining our international reach with local know-how and expertise, we provide superior service to our diverse clients and effectively design and operate event transportation and passenger shuttle systems, each with our clients’ individual needs and interests in mind. Further, we have incredible leadership in each division and an exceptional cadre of seasoned staff. Based in offices around the world, our exceptional full time staff is augmented by thousands of seasonal and part-time team members who can provide surge capacity as needed.

Comdex ’95 was the first event TMS managed, and since that first show TMS has become an international transportation conglomerate, having operated well over 900 events worldwide and having moved over 33 million passengers. While trade shows and conventions still make up TMS’ core business, we have grown to support multiple clients and industries – special events, international games, emergency evacuations, cruise services, fixed route shuttle systems, and more.

Due to the synergies between each division and subsidiary of TMS, we are able to leverage the skills, buying power, relationships and experience of each one to continue to offer the exceptional service on which TMS was founded.


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